We Are a Fully Licensed and Accredited Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Health Program.

Our approach to recovery is based on the original 12 Step Program. What makes Renaissance Ranch unique is that we incorporate cutting edge research into our recovery system. Research that has been carefully vetted and confirmed by our experience with successful recoveries. This means we supplement the 12 Step Program with several different types of therapy including experiential & adventure therapy, group sessions, and also family therapy resources. We also offer medically assisted detox and clinically proven and evidence-based modalities to heal addiction and improve mental health for drug and alcohol rehab in Utah.

Renaissance Ranch was built on the idea that renewal, rebirth, and change is possible for all of us. This has a specific spiritual meaning for many of us. Our facility was founded by members of a Christian faith who believe that true healing and peace come through our savior Jesus Christ. We believe that spirituality is an essential part of the recovery process, and we encourage all of our patients to find a connection with a higher power. To get started, we also offer drug and alcohol detox Utah.

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