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Family Involvement is Critical

Research is showing and confirming the NEED for family members to be involved in the recovery process.

Addiction impacts our family relationships. It reveals negative emotions and patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that cripple sacred family relationships for the addicted and the afflicted. As spouses, parents, and friends of addicted loved ones, the best thing we can do to restore our relationships is to work on our own recovery from those destructive patterns.

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Being of a religious nature, I desperately tried all the usual spiritual approaches I could think of to save my two, heroin-addicted sons. I didn't realize back then that trying to heal their brain disease of addiction through spiritual solutions only was like telling a cancer patient to just pray, read their scriptures, go to church and their tumor would go away. I'm so grateful for the Family Education classes I attended years ago at the Renaissance Ranch that helped me learn that my sons' needed to learn how to manage their disease of addiction much like a diabetic needs to learn how to manage their disease. Neither did I understand years ago how my frequent negative codependent coping skills had contributed to relationship strain and painful repetitive cycles with my sons, husband, and were also hurting my own potential for growth. My sons have repeatedly told my husband and I they could not have maintained long-term sobriety without support from their family!




Renaissance Ranch is a one of a kind treatment center that treats the entire family. We believe that addiction affects everyone; fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. We have been helping families heal for 20 years.

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